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Working with Indigenous groups

For more than 40 years, TC Energy has been engaging with Indigenous groups. We recognize Indigenous groups as rightsholders who have a distinct relationship to the land. We understand that our business activities have the potential to affect these groups in tangible ways.

Our approach to Indigenous Relations


Our Indigenous Relations team engages early and often with potentially affected Indigenous groups to understand their interests, identify opportunities, respond to their concerns and facilitate participation on our projects. We identify and create opportunities that support these groups through education and training, community legacy, scholarships and engagement with Indigenous contractors and businesses. By working together and ensuring open communication with Indigenous groups, we strive to earn their respect and trust to establish and grow positive long-term relationships.

Our Indigenous Relations policy, strategy and guiding principles inform our work with Indigenous groups. Learn more below.

Commitment made in 1970s to Indigenous engagement while planning pipeline projects in northern Canada
First formal Native Employment and Business Opportunities Policy adopted in 1982
Indigenous awareness training sessions offered to employees and contractors since 2001

Our guiding principles

The following principles guide our engagement activities with Indigenous groups:

  • Recognizing the unique connection Indigenous Peoples have with the land and their community governance.
  • Ensuring meaningful and respectful engagement with Indigenous groups, as early as possible, using a principled approach.
  • Achieving regulatory certainty using a pragmatic approach in the jurisdiction where we are building or operating.
  • Building innovative project strategies, reflecting engagement and regulatory outcomes that are defensible, commercially reasonable and community led.


TC Energy strives to be a leader in the delivery of energy in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner, ensuring we are positioned to maximize long-term value creation.

For investor-related information:

Environmental, social and governance

Our strategy

Engaging Indigenous groups

TC Energy believes mutual success is anchored in relationships based on trust and respect. It’s what we do every day. We demonstrate trustworthiness through our actions.


People and contracting

We bring value to our relationships with Indigenous groups through project‑specific and long‑term career and business opportunities.


Community legacy

We conduct ourselves as partners committed to forging collaborations that result in lasting, positive change for both the company and Indigenous group.


Project participation

Participation agreements are one way we work with Indigenous groups potentially affected by our activities to acknowledge their unique governance, relationship to the land and legal standing.

Deepening our understanding

Providing employees and contractors with a deeper understanding of the history, cultures and traditions of Indigenous peoples is essential for successful engagement with Indigenous groups.

We offer a multi-tiered approach to our Indigenous Awareness Training Program. In 2020, we began developing new mandatory annual company-wide training that focuses on educating all employees, contractors and members of the Board of Directors on the history and cultures of Indigenous peoples in North America, with training to be rolled out in 2021.

Since 2001, we have offered – and continue to provide – additional training modules open to all interested employees and contractors. The training includes region-specific histories, cultural practices and hands-on experiences such as smudges and sharing circles led by Elders, as well as online and in-person workshops on our policies and engagement expectations.




Need more information or have a question?

Email us at Indigenous_relations@truenvy.net, call us at 1-855-895-8754 or visit our Contact us page for more information.